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Ballitics Expertise: New Integration Approach and Solutions

Yury Ilyasov


In this article we would like to share with you our vision of solving some complicated tasks confronting the ballistic expert that may be rather beneficial for the world forensic society. Let us consider a typical example: Fired bullets and cartridge cases were recovered at the crime scene. Having examined the objects, the ballistic expert determines which of the bullets and cartridge cases have marks and impressions left by a firearm and if they can be used for identification purposes. He should also identify the type of the ammunition, the caliber and so on and in some cases the firearm model they were fired from. Using Automated Ballistic Identification Systems (ABIS) or digital microscopes, the expert studies the microrelief of the marks and impressions. The next stage is an automated search in the database of “criminal objects”, analysis and estimation of objects’ matching. The results received underlie the expert’s report. However, experts know that it is not always possible to come to a certain conclusion in a short time.
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