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Additional possibilities of ballistic expertise of a bullet

Automatic traces(striations) highligting on a shot bullet surface.Grouping them according land marks, location and other characteristics


Trace and mark examination features on deformed bullets in firearm identification

Vladimir A. Fedorenko
Yury V. Ilyasov

Aim: development of the algorithm of the firearm identification in the striation pattern on the deformed bullets with ballistic identification systems


Using bullet geometrical and other parameters for the purpose of bullet description and identification. Unification of bullet description.

When describing bullets recovered at the crime scene, the expert considers and determines the geometry that may be preserved on a fired bullet and measured by the expert investigating it with the help of general-purpose and special equipment. The data selection for bullet description is executed by the expert.


BIS testing

November-December 2010, Moscow – The SBC company has successfully passed the testing of the system POISC (ver 2.0) in Forensic Science Center of the Ministry of Interior of Russian Federation. Testing conducted by bullets and cartridge-cases of the following calibers: